How To Remove Wallpaper

how to remove wallpaperIf you’ve found this website you’re probably have some very ugly wallpaper staring you down and you’re trying to figure out the easiest way for removing wallpaper.

The motto of this site is “Don’t Stress… Steam!” which will make a lot more sense when you read our guide on wallpaper removal below.

Removing wallpaper is a big job but I want to make sure that you know that you can do the wallpaper removal yourself which will save you a ton of money versus hiring someone to do it for you.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you get that wallpaper off your walls (quickly, effectively and easily) so you can complete your home improvement project.

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How To Remove Wallpaper: The Complete Removing Wallpaper Guide

Amazon ImageDon’t stress… STEAM!

Unless you are a glutton for punishment or have too much time on your hands we highly recommend that you get yourself a Wagner Power Steamer which we believe is the very best wallpaper removal tool!

Using a power steamer will dramatically decrease the frustrations that most people experience when trying to use a score and soak method.

Trust us, the extra $35 you’re going to spend to buy a Wagner Power Steamer will be well worth it over using a device to score your walls, then soak your scored wallpaper in a chemical and finally trying to use a scraper to clean up the mess.

Now make certain to bookmark this page to reference our step by step how to remove wallpaper guide.

Step 1: Test Your Wallpaper’s Determination

In step 1, you’re going to try to find a seam in your wallpaper that is coming loose.

Attempt to peal it the wallpaper back and see if you’re able to remove the wall paper in large pieces, or ideally, the entire strip.

The glue will most likely remain on the wall so don’t worry if this occurs. (If the glue does remain on the wall be sure to read our guide on how to remove wallpaper glue.)

If you’re able to easily peel off the top layer of wallpaper from your walls this will help speed up the entire process so proceed to remove as much as you can as long as it is coming off in large pieces.

The best method to removing wallpaper in step 1 is to peal from the bottom corner.

Then pull the wallpaper at a 45° angle until you are removing the entire width of the strip of wallpaper.

Once the entire width of the wallpaper is being removed at once you’re going to want to try to even out both sides so the area that is being removed from the wall is horizontal.

The easiest way to get the top layer of the wallpaper off the walls is to keep the wallpaper horizontal to the floor as you remove it.

It works best to walk backwards while raising your arms to keep the part of the wallpaper that is coming off the wall horizontal to the ground. Try to remove as much of the wall covering as possible.

For step 1, don’t worry if you have lots of wallpaper still on the walls after removing all of the easy sections. The steamer will take care of removing the rest of the wallpaper but it’s just a little quicker if you can get some of the top layer off before breaking out the Wagner Power Steamer.

Step 2: Set Up Your Wagner Power Steamer

Setting up your Wagner Power Steamer is very simple.

Start by filling up the reservoir with water, attache the hose and plug it in. Wait until you start to see steam coming out of the specialized attachment specifically designed for taking off wallpaper.

It’s really important to wait until the steam is coming out at a good rate, this will help speed up your wallpaper removal. Once you’re seeing a good amount of steam coming out of the steamer you’re ready to move to the next step.

Removing WallpaperStep 3: Don’t Stress… STEAM!

Step 3 is the best part as this is the step where you get to steam rather than stress! Start at the top of the wall by placing the specialized attachment for removing wallpaper against the section of wallpaper or wallpaper glue you’re trying to remove.

The key to this step is patience.

The longer you leave the steamer on the wall the easier the wall paper and/or wallpaper glue is going to come off the wall.

Keep checking to see when you’re able to easily peal back the wallpaper and when it is starting to come off the wall really easily slowly slide the power steamer vertically down the wall while you gently pull the wallpaper.

At this point we’re almost positive most of you will be thinking “This is the best $50 I’ve ever spent!”.

We have personally used the Wagner Power Steamer to remove lots of wallpaper and highly recommend it.

We really wish we would have know about it a long time ago for all the wallpaper we removed using the score, soak (and STRESS) method.

We’d love to hear from you when your done removing wallpaper from your walls. Please stop back and let us know how your project went, send us some before and after pictures.  Please don’t forget to share this guide on how to remove wallpaper with your family and friends!

For more information on wallpaper, be sure to check out wikipedia.

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